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Company History

The origins of what is known today as The Eastern Shore Company can be traced back to 1964 and a gentleman named Kenneth Cain (my uncle) and the company he founded, See Coast Manufacturing. He developed the original Mark I viewing machine in a shed behind his home while recovering from a serious illness.  As he was perfecting his viewing machine he along with his wife and sons forged what is thought of today as the original route that covered south Florida. 

The Eastern Shore Company, Inc. came into beginning in 1973 when Marvin Zadnichek (my father) purchased the first route from Mr. Cain. During the years that he took an active role in the business he concentrated his efforts on expanding the route and building a reputation for fast, friendly service.  That concept has become the trademark of the company.

In 1978 Mr. Zadnichek took his youngest son Ken into the business. Together they continued to expand the business and develop a reputation as friendly and fair-minded concessionaires. Ken Zadnichek took control of the company in 1980.

Over the years the original route has grown to include all of Florida and the Alabama gulf coast. Most of the original equipment is still in use, and much new equipment has been introduced over the years.  The fact that so much of the original equipment is still in use is a testament to Mr. Cainís determination to build a quality product from the beginning and the Zadnicheks commitment to service ever since.

Kenís oldest son Don Zadnichek, who joined the company in 1998, now runs the various routes that make up the company, while his dad runs the office.  Don literally grew up being involved in the business. He traveled all the routes with his parents and learned the business as a young man.

He is the third generation to be involved in a business that can trace its roots back almost forty years.  He is looking forward to continuing to set the standard for service and customer satisfaction that have keep the Eastern Shore Company viable for so long when so many others have failed.

Today you can find Don (sometimes accompanied by his young sons) traveling routes that take him around the southeastern United States. He is busy servicing our existing locations and offering potential customers this valuable concession with the kind of pride born from generations of excellence. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.


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